Timeline | Ealing Broadcast Centre (EBC)

Project Specification:

Leading broadcast technology and services company Timeline Television appointed our principal Ricard Goodliffe to oversee the development of a former data centre building in Ealing into a large-scale broadcast facility.

The building had many attractive features other than its location in West London and close to major transport links. It also had a deep basement which would house studios 1 and 2, high performance back-up generators on the roof and A+B UPS systems for technical power pre-installed.

Project Details:

Working closely with Timeline’s CEO, Daniel McDonnell, the development developed the basement and the six upper floors, with only light refurbishment to the ground floor reception to increase security to the building.

There were some substantial challenges including, moving the large scale technical power installation to form a large open space for studio 2 and installing a cargo lift to provide set and furniture access to the basement studios.

The works were undertaken over 10 stages, lasting 3 years, with the first deadline being a range of galleries, edit suites, studio 1 and associated facilities for the Whisper Films / Channel 4 remote coverage of the 2020 Paralympic games.

The facility now includes:

  • 4 Television Studios
  • 6 Production Galleries
  • 20 Edit Suites
  • 2 Voice Over Booths
  • 5 Sound Control Rooms
  • Data Centre
  • Master Control Room
  • Green Rooms and Dressing Rooms
  • Production and General Offices

The studios all have specialist resin floors to provide a camera tracking performance surface and are equipped with sophisticated lighting grids and control.

Other works included all construction, mechanical services, domestic and technical power systems and acoustics.

One of the multiple production galleries

Studio 2 with the set almost complete for the launch of the Talk TV service

Studio 1 in greenscreen mode ready for the ITV Sport coverage of the 2023 Rugby World Cup